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    English Comic-Strips?

    People are asking me about comics in english. Even though my main language is spanish I've been working on english material as a second project. I'm doing two comic series at the same time. One is called 'These Guys' is a comic about friendship based on the 1990's full of fun and ignorance, for anyone that want to taste that era and for the ones who want to relive it. Basically is a comedy comic with a great characters. It will be just a 3 comics series and the first one will be for free. The second comic is called Alienox and it's a superhero comic very different from the ones we loved and followed. This one will be a 10 comics series and a one book graphic novel version sale. I know you will love this one. I promise I will work on english comic strips soon. I've been taking notes about my new job and it's plenty to start a great series that I want to name 'Furniture Upside down' or simply 'Furnitures' I haven't decided yet. Any way thanks for the love! I'll be posting new comics updates next week! See ya!